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Classic cars for events : Daimler Limousine Landaulette

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DAIMLER Limousine Landaulette
Year of issue: 1985
Engine type: 4.200cc. 6 Cylinders in V

The convertible version of this majestic limousine was named Landaulette. Originally only 2 Landaulette vehicles were built. The concept behind it was the possibility it gave British royalty and aristocracy of being able to drive and enjoy a good day of sun, without having to mingle with the common people.

In this model we find English pedigree (hardwood, Connolly leather, bar, air conditioning) and American spaciousness and comfort.

The Daimler Limousine Landaulette was the official car in many countries of royal families as in Denmark, England or Sweden, governments like Tasmania and Bermuda, and was bought by many embassies and authorities. Currently the British royal family has 3 Daimler DS 420s, which are used in state ceremonies or royal weddings. The Danish royal family also has 3 Daimler DS 420s.

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Engine type: 4.200cc. 6 Cylinders in V
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Daimler Limousine Landaulette


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